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Interface with Mr. Farooq Abdullah

faQ.  As a Pioneer in hand protection gloves Industries, what is your strategy about introducing safety/Industrial Gloves  for Safety Industries in India

Marvel is a renowned name in safety and Personal protective gloves in India since last three decades. Due to continuous growth in Industrial sectors has resulted in heavy demand in Industrial safety gloves in India. Government of India firmly believes that without safe, clean environment and healthy working conditions, social and economic growth cannot be achieved and that safe and healthy working environment is recognized as a fundamental human right. The changing job patterns and outsourcing of work are posing problems to management of occupational safety and health risks at workplaces. New safety hazards and health risks will be appearing along with the

transfer and adoption of new technologies. In addition, many of the well known conventional  hazards will continue to be present at the workplace till the risks arising from exposure to these hazards are brought under adequate control, Hands plays major part in work and hands safety is prime concern for all workers and Industries. Safety Gloves are mandatory for workers and Industries. The future strategy of Marvel Group will be to produce and Import High Quality Heat Resistant, Cut Resistant, Oil and Chemical resistant Gloves for Industries and also Tactile Cut Resistant Gloves Marvel being well established Key Player would like to introduce High Quality Gloves and and also will continue to produce and Import Economical knitted Gloves  in Plain, Coated and Dotted Varieties to cater the demands of small to Large Industries

Q.  What is your vision about use of Safety Gloves and Personal Protective Equipment in next decade in Indian Industries

India had Image of Agricultural country in the past and India was always considered as Developing country by all the developed countries .the scenario has changed from the beginning of the 21stCentury. Industrial revolution started in India as liberalised policies were introduced by Congress Government  by allowing foreign collaboration and new technologies  and products Power sector, Telecommunication, Automobile Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Oil Exploration, chemicals, Agro Industries, Light and heavy High Technology Industries. Highly Populated countries like  India & China seen by Developed  countries as fast emerging power. Foreign countries wanted India  to be one of their base for Industrial Production. In Next decade,  In India there will be lot of Industries in all sectors throughout 29 Indian states. There is tremendous potential in India for all types of Industries and awareness of the use of safety gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)  as all Industries are promoting the work safety at work place for productivity and efficiency by providing safety and protection to Industrial Workers. We believe that use of safety products will rise tremendously in next decade as use of safety products in India by workers in organised Industrial sectors is less than 10% and we also have to tap all these organised and unorganised sector which will result in excellent demand for Safety Products.

Q. As New BJP Government has come in to power in centre headed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who has vision for development of India.What is you expectation from New Government for the promotion of Industries and also for the increase of  Safety Gloves  and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in  Indian Industries?

Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi  is very dynamic and positive for the Development  and progress of Industries in India. During his regime as Chief Minister of Gujarat State for almost a decade, there was tremendous growth of Industries Small, Medium and Large Scale Industries. Fortunately all our manufacturing units are situated in Gujarat State. We never have faced, any Power or labour Problem in our Gloves units inGujarat till date. Thus under the Government and governance  of Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi, We believe that Existing and New Industries small or Large  all over India will flourish  with safe and safety working environment  and will create employment in all states. We also believe that white paper on safety gloves and Products will be implemented by the BJP Government of India under the guidance of Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi.

Q  According to you what are the markets prospects of protective gloves?

There is tremendous potential for the use of protective gloves for General and Industrial safety purpose as hand is a vital organ for working in any field to avoid hand injuries, work accidents, Product optimization, productivity and personal protection. Unfortunately in India only 3~4 % of total labor force around 30 Millions in organized and unorganized sector use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety  Gloves. Due to continuous Foreign Industrial collaborations in all Industrial sectors, The Demand for the  safety work Gloves is growing very fast. It is resulting in continuous demand of protective gloves in Industries and workers to avoid work accidents and loss of life and hand injuries. Thus Market prospects of protective gloves is India are very bright and a lot of scope for the growth

Q How present demand of Safety Gloves is met in India  by present manufacturers ?

In India, during last 5 Years Many Safety Gloves manufacturing units have been started. However the demand for the gloves is increasing in Indian Industries.  To meet the demand, Safety gloves are being imported in large quantity from China, Malaysia, Srilanka, Thailand, Korea etc.

Q. Could you brief us about overall business activities of your company (tie-ups, associations, reach, network)?

Marvel is producing plain and anti-slip dotted safety gloves and enjoys very high reputation amongst Industries and safety products suppliers. Marvel is exclusive India agents for the worlds renowned Gloves producers like RUBBEREX –MALAYSIA, SHOWA GLOVES CO.,JAPAN, HEXARMOR-USA, NIROFLEX-GERMANY. The tie-ups/association with these companies has made MARVEL one of the most reputed and trustworthy name in safety Gloves

Q. Can you   more  details about the product portfolio & it’s applications?

Marvel is producer of seamless knitted plain and non-slip PVC Dotted work gloves. Being multiple purpose and very competitively priced gloves are widely used by Automobile, Engineering, Glass, Shipping, Aeronautics, Electronic, Shipping General Purpose Industries. etc

Q How do you account R&D activity in your company?

Marvel is continuously does R&D activity by participating and visiting International and Indian safety and PPE Exhibitions to understand the demands of Industries and users and also to upgrade own quality standards and We also get the samples of gloves  from  International Gloves manufacturer in Japan, Korea, Germany, USA, UK during our visit to International Exhibition to Develop better quality gloves in our manufacturing units.

Q. Provide details about the quality policy for your business?

In India, there are many companies/Importers who Import low priced and quality products from China to attract the buyers/users to procure low grade and low priced gloves. As per our Quality Policy, we have quality policy to maintain our Quality standards by using Good Quality Raw Materials, Strict Quality checking of gloves produced by us . We also import

Q. What are the distinguishing facts of global market as against the Indian market?

In Indian Market buyers/suppliers always want cheaper and low quality safety gloves as they want to survive and make profit in market on the basis of low quality and price.

Marvel is exporting its knitted and dotted Gloves in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland on the basis of the quality, delivery schedule and competitive pricing

Q. What are your strategies to improve the Marvel Glove’s position in Indian &   global market as well?

Marvel has already representing internationally renowned Companies  and also by exporting own products in Developed European countries and has strengthenits position in Domestic and Global Market

Q. According to you what are the negative factors affecting to your business?

Import of Low priced gloves from China with under invoicing to evade the customs duty is affecting and hurting a lot to Indian Manufacturers. Government should take measures to stop this and also to promote Indigenous products. Undervalue import of gloves very badly affect Indian Manufacturers and have to sell their gloves with paper thin margin. It will result in negative effect on Indian manufacturers of safety gloves. Anti Dumping duty should be imposed on low priced and undervalued imported gloves to protect the future of Indian Gloves Industries.

Q What is your vision for MARVEL GLOVES  ?

Marvel is always known for its reliability, quality and service and customer support. This has made Marvel trustworthy name in India and International Market  since three decades. Despite being Market leader, Marvel believes in maintaining trust of the buyer all the time and wants to supply quality safety gloves at competitive price to promote the hands safety in Indian workers and Industries

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