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The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”-Bill Gates

The Internet is the lifeblood and livelihood of today’s business world. It is undoubtedly the “most transformational invention since the advent of electricity.” The uses of Internet in daily life are many – communication, education, business and more –   Without the internet the corporate ecosystem will grind to a halt. In fact, the modern communication age can be described as BI and AI – That is Before Internet and After Internet.   By using internet, companies can broaden their customer base, expand markets, increase productivity, propel  profitability,  communicate with all corners of the globe and achieve success in their business lines.

 Zicom’s Foray

By integrating dynamic profiling technology, Zicom offers a number of security solutions under SaaS (Security as a Service) model to subscribers on-demand via internet. It also provides Managed Security Services based on this model.

“Normally, companies are required to buy, build, monitor, maintain and manage their security infrastructure despite exponential costs. But Zicom eSaaS had come out with an effective solution which gives companies, organizations, educational institutions and housing societies an amazing alternative. Now, they can subscribe and plug in to products, solutions and services already built on shared infrastructure via the Internet,” says Mr. Pramoud Rao, Founder & Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Limited,speaking from his company’s headquarters in Mumbai.   .

Pace Setter

By judiciously leveraging the strength of cloud computing, telephony and Internet, Zicom had introduced for the first time in this country Electronic Security as a Service (e-SaaS) in 2012 wherein customers need not have to purchase the hardware and expend time to maintain, monitor and manage it. Zicom invests in the hardware, connects it to the state-of-the-art Command and Control Centre, monitors the health of the system to ensure it fully functions 24 x 7 on 365 days of a year, manages the complete system, provides MIS and also does repairs and replacement without the involvement of the customer. As an ideal model in which applications hosted by Zicom SaaS are available to subscribers over the Internet in a form of the “Cloud”, introducing in that process a new concept in the security space.


  • Zicom’s SaaS model has many advantages: Ease of Use, Scalability, Cost Effectiveness, Migration to Latest and RoI.
  • Customers have only to pay a nominal subscription on a monthly or quarterly basis without incurring significant capital expenditure (Capex) or Operational expenditure (Opex). This revolutionary concept has taken the security market by storm and given a clear edge to Zicom’s security products in a variety of segments.

Through e-SaaS, Zicom provides Safety and Security, Loss Prevention, Business Intelligence, Comfort and Convenience and Mobility to the end users. These services are offered to Retail Chain, Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segments, Educational Institutes, SoHo and Housing Societies with Zero capital investment and no annual maintenance charge. Customers have to pay only for the services a nominal fee.

Zicom’s Range of Services Through Internet 

Our range of services offered under Zicome-SaaS includes:

1.ealert– A Remote Alarm Monitoring (RAM) Service exclusively designed         for providing protection against burglary or security breach at premises.



24x 7 effective monitoring -Daily health report of the system-Business Intelligence in terms of real time sms alerts on opening and closing of the premises-Emergency Response Management in case of intrusion, theft, break-ins, vandalism etc.

2.eattend – A cloud based biometric model that monitors 24×7 the time and attendance of employees.




Low operating expense-  Costs only just Rs 1 per employee per day –End –to –end seamless automation –Totally eliminates proxy attendance-Multi-level password protection-Tamper proof of attendance records –Central Application supporting multiple locations, departments, shits, time zones and companies-Daily/Weekly/ Monthly MIS-Furnishes historical data to analyze trends and labor costs

3.ecount- A cloud based Business Intelligence to monitor footfalls for business enterprises



An ideal tool to compare sales among stores-Data is encrypted and cannot be tampered with Optimizes employee staffing -Daily/ weekly/ Monthly Reporting

4. esense – A Fire Alarm Monitoring System constantly supervised by the Zicom Command Control Centre to forewarn and prevent any fire mishap.



Ensures that the fire alarm system is operational-Issues alert at the initial stage of fire.

24x 7 maintenance and servicing of the system with a Daily/Weekly/Monthly report-helps prevent loss of life and property-

5. ewatch– A daily remote system health checks monitoring and managing CCTV surveillance across multiple locations.



Remote monitoring alerts from Digital Video Recorder (DVR)-Daily remote health check of the systems across multiple locations-Remote viewing through web browser-Event Retrieval Facility based on customer’s request- Alerts hard disc failure- Ensure zero video loss-Growing Customer Base

6. etrack   

Zicom’s School Bus GPS Tracking solution gives you in real time the location of your child while he or she is travelling to or from school. You get notification as to when your child enters or alights from the bus via text message along with the location and time of the activity.

The estimated time of arrival of your child is also notified to you so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus.



Increases Safety & Security of children – Provides Real Time Information- Cuts Operating Costs – Optimizes Route Management – Improves Time Management & Service- Manages Fuel Costs Efficiently – Prevents Drunken or Rash Driving- Provides Greater Accountability for workforces – Drives Productivity- Protects School Bus Against Vandalism, Theft- Gives Peace Of Mind To Parents, Children & School Authorities.

Customers / Subscribers are willing to avail of services under eSaaS to ensure their online activities and services are secured from external threats. Thus eSaaS has taken off the burden of the capex, maintenance and monitoring from the companies, institutions and housing societies and enabled them to focus on their core business activities. Besides, eSaaS also provides return on investment (RoI) to its numerous customers by extending various business intelligence services. “We are proud to state that we currently have more than 15,000 active subscribers benefited by our services cutting across industries. They include prestigious national and international brands and established banks in India. The reception from various segments of industry and society to our security solutions through internet has been excellent ,”  informs Mr. Pramoud Rao.

Improves Profitability

eSaaS has equipped Zicom to understand the needs of a customer and to respond with apt solution. The whole concept has turned our company (Zicom SaaS) from a sales contractor to a trusted advisor and dependable ally. Thanks to Internet, companies are hugely benefiting from eSaaS as it helps them to improve their profitability by saving costs–both capital and            operational. With cloud computing fast gaining momentum, India is likely to see SaaS adoption increase significantly as more applications are deployed on the cloud. Zicom is already on the forefront in utilizing the internet for providing useful services to the utmost benefit of the society.

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